Monday, September 24, 2007

LATTE Missionary Wives

When people think about mission work, they usually think about the work the missionaries do to extend the message of salvation to the lost souls of the countries to which they have been sent. Sometimes not enough attention is given to the work that the wives of the missionaries do. The fact is that the wives of the missionaries give a very valuable contribution to the mission efforts. When their children are at home, they give their time to raising them in circumstances that are often very challenging. Often, in addition to taking care of their children, they also help their husbands with different aspects of their work as well. Such a missionary’s wife is Kathy. She has helped to raise five children who all grew up in our Latin American missions. In addition, she has always helped with the translation of many materials that her husband and other missionaries needed for their work as well as doing other secretarial jobs. Now that her husband is on the LATTE team, some of the valuable materials that she has translated from English to Spanish are:
- All three volumes of Our Great Heritage which contain doctrinal articles that are assigned to our seminary students for outside reading for the Dogmatics course and courses on the Lutheran Confessions.
- “Studies in the Augsburg Confessions” – the book used as a text for the Augsburg Confessions course
- Both volumes of “Prepared to Answer” which are used as outside reading assignments for the Evangelism course.
- Many other books, Bible studies and devotional materials
Kathy also helps by making frequent visits to the wives of the seminary students in order to encourage and help them in any way she can.
What a blessing is a missionary wife who loves her Lord and her Lord’s people as Kathy does. The same could be said for all the missionary wives that I know.

(posted by Professor Philip)

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