Support the Work

You can support the seminary training in Latin America through...

Please pray for God’s blessings on:
1) The four members of the LATTE team and their families
  • Missionary Larry W. and Marlene, director of the team
  • Missionary Lorenzo and Kay 
  • Missionary Philip and Kathy
  • Missionary Natán and Julia 
 2) The men studying and serving their Savior as pastors    
      and their families:
  • Julio and others in Bolivia
  • Elcy, Gilberto, Roberto, and others in Brazil
  • Adolfo, Eliseo, Fabio, Fernando, Henry, Raúl, Rubén, Ross, Tonny, and others in Colombia
  • Alex, Eduardo, Juan M, Juan, T, Nelson, Rona, and others in the Dominican Republic
  • Alejandro, Carlos C, Dan, Eduardo, Esequiel, Gerardo, Gonzalo, Israel, Jorge, Luis, and others in Mexico
  • Eligio, Manuel, Sergio, and others in Puerto Rico
  • Carlos C, Carlos, P, Duhamel, Eric, Ernesto, Miguel, and others in the Caribbean 
  • Various men studying through online courses
3) The national churches that are striving to grow and 
     become self-supporting sister churches with WELS:
  • Christian Evangelical Lutheran Confessional Church (Bolivia)
  • Brazilian Lutheran Church (Brazil) 
  • Evangelical Lutheran Confessional Church (Colombia)
  • Dominican Republic
  • Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church (Mexico)
  • The Caribbean
4) Protection for missionaries, seminary students 
     pastors, and all their families living in Mexico from the   
     heightened violence 
5) Safe travels and continued health for missionaries and 
     families, as well as for our national students and pastors

6) Understanding and wisdom for professors as they teach 
     and train by word and example

7) Dedication and faith for the students as they dig deeper 
     into God's Word to be able to share it with their 

8) Good government and good weather

In an effort to offer theological education in even more areas -- without additional travel -- we are slowly offering more long distance education over the Internet.  We must reformat the material and change our methodology to fit into a "virtual" classroom environment.  We request you prayers for the Lord's success in this area also.

Contact  WELS Kingdom Workers for volunteer opportunities

Online donations may be given through  WELS Christian Giving