Our Team

Professor  Larry W. and Marlene

Missionary Larry has over thirty years of seminary teaching experience in ten different countries and is currently the Director of the LATTE Team. He serves as Professor of Hebrew, Old Testament Exegesis, and Romans, and also teaches other classes as the need arises. Before serving as a member of the LATTE team, Larry also served in Colombia, México, and Nigeria. 

They currently reside in the USA.


Professor Lorenzo and Kay 

Missionary Lorenzo serves as professor of Hermeneutics, Dogmatics, Pastoral Theology, and Ephesians. Before becoming a member of the LATTE team, Lorenzo served as a missionary in Latin America.

They currently reside in the USA.


Professor Philip and Kathryn

Missionary Philip serves as a professor of Pastoral Theology, Evangelism, Church Music, Augsburg Confession, and New Testament Isagogics.  Before serving on the LATTE team, Philip also served in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

They currently reside in Bolivia.


Professor Natán & Julia

Missionary Natán grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. He attended Northwestern College-Watertown, Wisconsin, graduated in 1995. During his training at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary–Mequon, Wisconsin, he served two years in Puerto Rico. In 2000, he graduated and was assigned as missionary to the Caribbean.

Natán became a member of the Latin America Traveling Theological Educators (LATTE) in 2003; serving as a professor of Greek, Galatians, Old Testament Isagogics (Job to Malachi), Liturgy, Homiletics (preaching), and Hebrew courses as needed.  He speaks both Spanish and Portuguese so that LATTE can assist all of our seminaries in Latin America, including Brazil.

Natán was relocated to the Dominican Republic (DR) in 2006, as a LATTE Professor and DR Field Coordinator, where he met his wife, Julia.
 Natán and Julia were married in April 2009.  Natán continues to serve as a LATTE Professor and Friendly Counselor for Brazil.

They currently reside in USA.