LATTE Professors: Natán, Philip, Larry, & Lorenzo

A team of professors called the Latin American Traveling Theological Educators (LATTE) provides theological training for all of the mission fields in Latin America. 

Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Mexico plus other exploratory areas are currently being served. Field visits are made, as needed, to provide instruction for the men who desire to become pastors in their national churches. In addition, the professors' Internet classes also reach students.

The men who are interested in instruction from the LATTE team are typically very active members of their congregations. Requiring these men to "take leave" from their home congregations would present a challenge-most of the churches are still quite small. Losing an active lay leader or member for the purpose of seminary training for three years would be a difficult situation for both the men and their congregations. The LATTE team travels to the students or provides distance learning via the Internet.

The flexibility of the LATTE team allows the students to keep their secular jobs so that they can continue providing for their families and serving their local congregations. Each member of the LATTE team is able to specialize in certain segments of the curriculum and, therefore, better serve the students and national churches.

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