Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Additional Work in Bolivia

One of LATTE's jobs is to visit Spanish speaking churches that request our help. One such request came from the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (FIEL), in Bolivia. FIEL has 10 congregations and about 500 members scattered throughout the country. Although founded in 1938 by a Lutheran group, FIEL has also been served by missionaries from various Reformed denominations.

LATTE visited Bolivia last May to talk to FIEL's leaders and assess needs. They asked us to return to help instruct its leaders in Biblical, Lutheran doctrine and practice. LATTE accepted the invitation and the undersigned will make a visit November 5 - 22. He will teach a course on basic doctrine, one on fellowship, and another on law and gospel. FIEL reports that 50 pastors and leaders have signed up for the courses.

Pray that the Lord will bless this work!

(Posted by Lorenzo)

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