Thursday, October 18, 2007

LATTE teaching in Colombia

Sometimes we as Christians become dismayed when we see how the beautiful truths of Scripture are twisted and even blatantly denied in many heterodox church denominations. As He always does, however, the Lord can use the worst of situations to bring great blessings. For example, sometimes He uses the ever-more blatant false teachings in a church body as a wake-up call to some concerned Christians in that church body. One of the highlights on both of our last two LATTE visits to Colombia was our contacts with a seminarian from a heterodox church body who had finally become fed up with the false teachings that are openly being proclaimed in his church. He began searching for a church that really teaches what the Bible says. He found WELS on the internet and was put in contact with our congregation leader in Bogotá. On both of our last two LATTE trips to Colombia this young man attended the seminary classes that we gave as an observer and very much liked what he saw. He is now planning to leave his former church body and join our congregation in Bogotá. He has also expressed a desire to continue his seminary training with us. We thank the Lord for turning evil into good.

(posted by Professor Philip)

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