Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanking God for Music through Music

[The following was written for our sister blog "WELS in the DR". I share it here for two reasons: (1) Since Thanksgiving is this week, we thank God for his gift of music, and (2) it is a good example of how the missionary wives are blessings through their service also. - -Natán ]

Presently, there are several people receiving training to play hymns with the chord method of piano playing. Each of the students is a member of one of our congregations and our goal is that in the future we will have people able to read music and lead the members in singing and praise with musical instruments.

We would like to give our deepest thanks to Roxanne (wife of LATTE Missionary Ralph) who wrote the music course that the students are using. She wrote the program herself and gave us permission to reproduce it to train more people. So far it is working well and the students are making good progress.

We thank the Lord for gifted people like Roxanne who are willing to share their talents with the church, and we thank God who bestows musical talents on His believers and fills their hearts with the desire to praise Him by learning to play hymns to His glory.

[The above was written by Kathy (wife of LATTE Missionary Phil living here in the Dominican Republic). We thank the Lord for her service as well. --NW]

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