Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back Home

With the end of November two of our LATTE professors are back home again. Professor Ralph  is back home in Caguas, PR after having spent nearly three months teaching at the Mexican Confessional Lutheran Seminary in Torreón. And Professor Larry is now back in Torreón after his three months of teaching in Puerto Rico. The two professors and their wives swapped houses for their teaching trips. Both made good progress in their course instruction. Prof. Ralph was teaching dogmatics and early church history as well as some review of homiletics and pedagogy. Prof. Larry concentrated on teaching Hebrew grammar, trying to get as much of the normal six-month course taught as possible during the three month stay. He also taught the course of Romans exegesis.

By the way, check back here soon for the latest news on the last trip into Bolivia to work with a small Lutheran church body there.

(Posted by Professor Larry)

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