Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Colombian Hospitality

I previously spoke of the hospitality shown to the LATTE professors on our trips to one of the cities in Colombia which has a congregation that we visit. The evidences of gratitude for our visits are equally great during our visits to the other city. One of the members there, shown in the photo, owns a taxi. When we arrive in Medellín, he is always there at the airport to pick us up. Then during the week he takes us wherever we need to go. He gives us at least two to three hours of his time each day. We have often tried to pay him for his services, but he always refuses any payment. He never complains and always has a great big smile on his face. We are grateful to the Lord for the work that He has done in the hearts of the Colombian members. What a joy to be with and work with people whose hearts are so brimming with thankfulness for the Gospel message we bring.

Posted by Professor Philip)

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