Monday, March 30, 2009

Philip and Andrew

Two times in two months on two different trips two strangers bump into each other on an airplane.

Two months ago, LATTE professor Philip went on a teaching trip. On the airplane leaving the Dominican Republic he sat next to a man by the name of Andy who was passing through from Europe on a business trip. During the two hour long tip, he had an opportunity to witness to Andy, talking to him about sin and the Savior using Scripture to answer his questions and doubts about spiritual matters.

This week, two months later, Philip was on a different teaching trip. When he boarded the plane, he found surprisingly that he was again seated near to Andy who was also traveling. Once again, he had the opportunity to witness to his new friend. This time he gave him a DVD of a personal presentation of the law/gospel message to take home with him and to share with his family.

We are the Lord's servants and He uses us to spread his message of salvation in Jesus the Savior. Two times he placed the same two strangers together so Andy would hear the beautiful gospel message. We pray that the Holy Spirit use these two witnessing opportunities to create faith in Andy's heart, so he too may enjoy heaven eternally. And we pray that Andy, too, will speak to others of the Savior so the Word may reach others in his home town.

(Posted by Professor Philip)

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