Saturday, May 9, 2009

By God's grace and power, LATTE is spared from a cut in manpower

The LATTE team has some very good news to report today. During the last two days our administrative committee for Latin America has been meeting to deal with the effect of the budgetary cuts that are effecting our Synod. I had previously blogged that Prof. Philip was being withdrawn from our team and from his work in the Dominican Republic. While that was the official news from headquarters, it apparently was premature. We have just been informed by our committee that our Latin American mission work will continue to focus on theological education (the preparation of national workers) in our mission churches and sister churches in Latin America. Therefore LATTE will be able to continue with our four remaining professors. We are indeed grateful to a loving and all-powerful God.

To be able to make this work, the committee has had to withdraw our last missionary from Brazil. We know how difficult this will be for the Brazilian national church, and pray God to strengthen them to continue to teach and preach His word there. LATTE will be helping them as we are able with occasional visits to teach and encourage.

We are comforted and strenghtened by the fact that although human plans falter and change, our good Lord's plan for our eternal salvation never changes. He is good indeed.

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