Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Planning Ahead

LATTE Professors Natán, Lorenzo, Philip & Larry

Last week, the four members of LATTE met in conjunction with a field visit to Mexico by the Administrative Committee for Latin American Missions (ACLA). Additional guests included Pastor Howie Mohlke from the Board for World Missions (BWM), and Pastors Paul Hartman and Gonzalo Delgadillo from Multi-Language Publications (MLP).

LATTE, Mexican Mission Families, ACLA, BWM, & MLP

What a blessing to be able to gather to discuss, evaluate, and plan mission work, face-to-face. Many of the participants were meeting for the first time. Due to budget adjustments, the Latin American Mission team hasn’t met together since 2007. Since then, discussions and decisions are made through teleconferences, often through Skype for additional cost savings.

The LATTE team met for an additional day to discuss the current progress and challenges within each of the seminaries in Latin America, coordinate online training, and schedule teaching trips for the next year. Currently, LATTE is working with souls from Brazil, Bolivia, the Caribbean, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, & Mexico.

May the Lord continue to bless these efforts of training men to train others in God's Holy Word!

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