Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Update - 2011

At the beginning of November 2010 LATTE met with the Latin American Administrative Committee. This meeting was a blessing in many ways, principally in improving communication and planning the work and how best to do it. LATTE professors will be able to continue the course delivery that had been planned in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Colombia, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. 

Henry, a student in Colombia has also been included in the training done in the Dominican Republic by SKYPE so fewer teaching trips will be needed in the coming year. A final trip to Puerto Rico to finish the class work with seminary student Eligio is planned for mid 2011. After that no trips will be planned except at the express request for continuing education by the Puerto Rican church and the Commission on Inter-Church Relations liaison to Puerto Rico.

Not all LATTE teaching sites are listed on the map above.

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