Monday, April 25, 2011

Work in the Caribbean

Dominican Republic
The Lord continues to bless the work being done presently among the members of the congregation in Moca, near Santiago. The Dominican believers and their LATTE Trained Pastors seem very energetic and passionate for the gospel and for sharing it with others. Although numbers are small in comparison to other mission fields, great outreach work is being done in this country. 

Despite the many problems that face the country of Haiti presently, the Lord continues to work through pastors, like LATTE Graduate Pastor Rona, who have a strong desire to share the Word in its truth. The possibility of an orphanage could be a way to share the gospel with young souls.  Humanitarian aid efforts by WELS Christian Aid and Relief Committee  have created bridges to an orphanage association in Haiti.  Seven of nine orphanages visited invited our expatriate missionary and national pastor to work with them in providing a religious education to the orphanage directors, staffs, and children.  There are 12 more orphanages in the association yet to be visited.

Puerto Rico
The Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church of Puerto Rico, a World Mission field for over 40 years will formally ask at the convention to be recognized by WELS as an independent sister church.  Partnership with this independent Lutheran church will be maintained through regular contact with the Commission on Inter-Church Relations (CICR).  A former missionary to Puerto Rico, is the CICR’s current contact man for this ongoing partnership. LATTE continues training Seminary Student Eligio through online education. 

The ministerial training work continues to be done among the leaders and members in the various congregations throughout the Caribbean by LATTE.  As in past years, there are some government and cultural obstacles toward the work of the church. Despite these challenges, the Lord continues to provide believers and to bless the work being done in some countries.


Trinity Lutheran said...

HI Missionary Wagenknecht! You forgot the English speaking Caribbean! Blessings, Tom Spiegelberg

LATTE said...

Saludos, Home Missionary Spiegelberg!
You are right that in the Caribbean, LATTE's work focuses on Spanish-speaking countries plus Haiti. We pray the Lord bless the gospel ministry in the English-speaking Caribbean (Antigua, Grenada, and St Lucia), too.
Blessings to you in the West Indies,
Missionary Nate Wagenknecht