Monday, May 23, 2011

Classroom Activities

Activities to help understand the work of LATTE professors
LATTE Professors must be flexible as they exchange places and homes.
  • Have each student exchange desks for (can be an hour, or a morning or for a day) and the student must use what is in each other's desks.  They may not go to their own desk to take anything out.  May change classrooms, also.
LATTE members exchange houses with other LATTE members.
  • What did you observe when you changed desks with your friends? Problems? Advantages?  Care of one another's property. 
  • Did you know where everything was in the desk?  Did you miss some of your own things? 
LATTE members exchange countries.  Each country may do things quite differently than the next country.  One example is when they eat.  Lunch(dinner) is served at 2pm and dinner (supper) is served at 8pm or later.  When you get a parking ticket, the police takes your license plate and you don't get it back until you pay your ticket.
  • What would happen if you went to stay at someone's (not your best friend's house) house?  What if you didn't like the food?  Would you know where things were in the house - towels, etc?  What if you didn't like their schedule - the time you had to get up in the morning and the times that they ate their meals?  Can you think of other things that might be hard or might be good?
The LATTE members are introduced to a lot of different foods.  When they are guests at other homes it would be offensive not to eat the food put in front of you.
  • Have everyone bring a lunch in a brown bag.  Do not put any names on them.  At lunch each one chooses a bag.  Do you think everyone will get what they like to eat?  How should we respond to the food in the bag- should we eat it gladly or should we complain and make someone feel bad?
The LATTE members travel around to the different schools to teach the students so that the students do not have the same teacher for all the subjects. 
  • How would you like to have the same teacher for every subject plus all your sports?   What problems do you see with that?  Are there advantages?

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