Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip to Santa Cruz

When the national church here in Bolivia asked us to come to live in Bolivia and work with them, they had a number of purposes in mind for us.  One was to help them become a truly confessional church body.  Another thing they want me to do is visit some of the outlying areas where there are congregations that are part of the national church.  

During these visits our intention is to see how these congregations are doing doctrinally and also see if there might be some potential students who could be trained for ministry.

Recently we made our first trip to one of these congregations that is located in the city of Santa Cruz.  We found that the congregation has a fairly large property, but the congregation itself is quite small.  

It is made up of women and children and is led by a woman named Margarita.  Margarita welcomed us warmly and was very appreciative of the doctrine we had come to share with her.

She told us that she wishes the national church could send a pastor who could work full time at evangelism and teaching the Word to those whom the Holy Spirit gathers.  That is something the national church will be considering in the near future.

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