Thursday, July 21, 2011


Charlie was saying earlier today that there are two things, for sure, than can not be predicted with certainty. One of those is, of course, the weather! Here we are in Wisconsin in June, and should be having beautiful days of early summer. Instead, we braved almost two weeks of cold, rainy days before June lived up to its name. And back in Dourados, they also had a weather surprise. During the summer months the farmers and ranchers plant soybeans, and when these are harvested, they plant corn for a second harvest. The government extension agents give out a date by which the corn should be planted in order to be harvested before the possible freezes of July. Ooops! It froze in some of the fields around Dourados a couple of days ago, and the temp in town was near freezing. So much for predictions! About 40% of the corn harvest has been compromised by the freeze that came too early. I'm sure you have lots of stories about weather surprises!

Another thing that can't be predicted is where and when the Holy Spirit is going to work. In one of our many discussion over Skype with Gilberto, our evangelist in charge in Dourados, we heard a number of stories in which someone surprised Gilberto with a confession of faith. Probably the least expected were the answers of two teenage girls who are studying to be confirmed. Gilberto decided to test them with a number of important questions before the class began. He was bowled over by the answers they gave which confessed their faith. He didn't expect it because they are two rather quiet girls. Certainly the Spirit has been working in them because they are often in church, and sitting up in the front with their dad and grandad.

An excerpt  from Retired Missionary Charlie and Beth Flunker continue to serve Igreja Luterana Brasileira – The Brazilian Lutheran Church as active volunteers, residing in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul.

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