Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meeting Together

LATTE Professors: Lorenzo, Larry,  Philip, & Natán

Earlier this month, the LATTE team met in Milwaukee, WI for some long range planning.  Since the four of us live in three different countries, we don't meet face to face very often.  Conference calls and email keep us in touch between meetings, but nothing completely replaces the free flow of ideas and collaboration we have when meeting face to face - during the meeting and during breaks and meals together.

We spent time thanking God for the ways Jesus is blessing his church through our 57 students and the national church bodies. We offered each other advice and encouragement as we shared our challenges. We rededicated ourselves to providing the best theological education we can with the gifts God has given us, asking the Lord himself to overcome our weaknesses.

It is still our goal to assist the national churches in their theological education needs - offering seminary training to men who desire to serve as pastors and who already are serving as pastors, equipping qualified national pastors to be seminary professors themselves, and follow up on requests from independent pastors or church groups interested in becoming confessional Lutherans.  

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