Monday, September 12, 2011

Teaching Sunday School

One of the many joys of being a missionary's wife is to help out with local ministry on the mission field.  In the past several months, when the regular Sunday school leader was out of town, I have served as back-up. What an important and fun role in sharing precious Bible stories with children!  It is a great way to review the stories for my own spiritual growth, but also develop creative ways to teach the stories along with simple project ideas for future leaders to continue. Often, missionaries struggle to find the balance of doing enough, but not too much. Modeling, assisting, and introducing ministry ideas, yet not establishing something that the national church leaders and members will not be able to maintain.

This Sunday, one of the Sunday school students was so excited to recite a Bible passage to me that she had memorized throughout the week.  A priceless moment I will continue to treasure!

May God bless your service, as you find opportunities to share God's Word with others!

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