Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Faithful Servant Retires

Missionaries Mark, Lorenzo, Larry, Roger, & Ernie (1977)

Professor Larry and his wife Marlene began serving souls in world mission fields in 1977. Prof. Larry, Marlene, and their three children moved to Colombia where Larry led theological education and evangelism/church planting in the formative years of the mission work until 1983.

The family relocated to El Paso, Texas to train ministry leaders in Mexico from 1983 to 1990, with seminary students studying there as well as traveling into Mexico approximately ten days out of every month.

In 1990, Professor Larry accepted a call to Nigeria help establish a seminary for the national church, teach nine students, and train a national pastor to take over the direction of the seminary. He and Marlene served in Africa for three years.

Preaching in Mexico (2011)

They moved back to Latin America in 1993, when Prof. Larry accepted a call to train seminary students and assist with local ministries in Mexico until 2004. In 1995, he was additionally called to serve as field counselor for Mexico.

Mexico (2009)

Mission Team (2010)

Mission Team with Seminary Students (Christmas - 2010)

Mission Team (2012)

Serving Together (always)

For the past 11 years, Prof. Larry served as coordinator of LATTE, Latin American Traveling Theological Educators, based out of Mexico. He trained students in Bolivia, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Some of the training took place during onsite teaching trips, while others were taught through online courses through the Internet. Prof. Larry also participated in several exploratory trips to visit contacts and research new mission starts.

Professor Lorenzo shares, "Larry has been zealous to train our national workers to 'rightly divide the Word of Truth' -- 2 Timothy 2:15."

Seminary Students from the Dominican Republic and Haiti (2008)

Pastoral Workshop in Mexico (2011)

Fellowship at a Pastoral Retreat in Mexico (2012)

Teaching in Colombia (2014)

We thank our gracious God for allowing Missionary Larry and Marlene to serve him faithfully in world missions for 37 years and wish them the Lord's richest blessings in retirement.

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