Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not just seminary classes

LATTE professors don't only teach seminary classes and counsel students full time. Occasionally we get to preach a sermon and help out with the Sunday morning Bible class as well. Prof. Larry preaches on a Sunday morning in Humacao, Puerto Rico, where he is spending three months teaching seminary classes.

(Posted by Professor Larry)

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Pres. Mark Schroeder said...

God's blessings to the members of the LATTE team and the people you serve. You are certainly in my prayers, and I know that countless numbers of your brothers and sisters throughout the synod are also praying for and supporting your important work.

Congratulations on the new blog. It will be one more piece of the important task of communicating clearly and consistently the work that we are doing together as a synod. I will visit your blog as often as I can to try to keep up with you guys (although from all I've seen of your busy schedule, keeping up with you may not be very easy.)

God's richest blessings to you all!