Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pray for Eric

Eric wants to study for the ministry. He studied our instruction course and was confirmed about a year ago by a pastor who lives several hundred miles away. Now Eric has two small groups that he has gathered around the Word and Sacraments. He wants to study more. But travel is very difficult. The other pastor is very busy. Is there another way?

We are going to try to teach Eric by "long distance learning" on the Internet. I e-mailed him a course. He is to answer the questions as he studies each lesson, then e-mail me the finished lesson for me to correct. There is one problem. Eric's country does not allow its citizens to own computers or to have an Internet connection. Eric does have access to a computer and the Internet at his job. But everything received and sent is filtered by the government. Will this work?

Pray for Eric.

(posted by Lorenzo)

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