Thursday, October 4, 2007


“Physical training is of some value,…” One of the interesting and sometimes challenging aspects of travel is to establish or maintain an adequate exercise routine “away from home.” Not every house has an exercise mat or free weights under the bed or an exercise bike on the premises. For a warmup we prefer a minimum 30 minute walk before 7 a.m. allowing enough time to breakfast and shower before the 15-minute drive to the classroom. Sunrise varies not only with the season but also with the latitude, so we are happy to have found a route along tree-lined streets through the neighborhood under street lights with a minimum of hazards like parked cars blocking the sidewalk, holes in the street or menacing dogs. Before 7 a.m. car exhaust fumes are minimal and other walkers, joggers, and street sweepers return a pleasant “buenos días” along with the mocking birds, mourning doves, sparrows and a few other unidentified species. The Lord is good!

(Posted by R. Martens)

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