Saturday, October 6, 2007

Freddy Antonio Aquino

Freddy Aquino is a young man studying at our seminary in the Dominican Republic. Raised in the Pentecostal church, he was studying at a Nazarene institute when he met Julio, another of our seminary students, back in 2002. Through Julio, Freddy studied the Bible and was confirmed in the Christian faith in 2003. He immediately began Bible Institute (pre-sem) studies, which he finished in early 2006.

As an example of his love for the Gospel and desire to share its life-saving power with others, Freddy left his job and "comfort zone" of family and friends in San Pedro and moved with his wife Elizabet and infant son Freilin to Santiago (where they didn't know anyone) to attend our seminary. It was a major change in their life, but they have settled in and enjoy the support of their "new" family, fellow Christians in the seminary and local congregation.

We pray for the Lord's blessings on Freddy's growth in the Word, his service to God's people and his family's joy and contentment.

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Dave said...

I will keep Freddy and his family in my prayers.