Thursday, November 8, 2007

LATTE & Videos

Professor Philip has a hobby of making audio-visual presentations. Presentations in this format are easy to use and are helpful to nationals who might not have a full grasp of the subject matter in question. The following is a web-link to a video done by Professor Philip in which a Law and Gospel presentation which he developed is given in Spanish. It is found on our WELS streaming video site: This presentation is also available free of charge in DVD format at Multilanguage Publications. We would like to thank Gonzalo Delgadillo, the Spanish editor there, for his efforts in getting the video placed on WELS streaming and for getting copies made. The DVD is especially useful when a member of the church only has a brief contact with a person he would like to share the Gospel with, and therefore does not have time to make a full presentation. It is also helpful for students or members who have not yet learned to make a complete Law and Gospel presentation. Professor Philip uses this presentation as part of his Evangelism training course. He is also working at making other audio-visual presentations to accompany other courses.

(posted by Professor Philip)

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