Sunday, November 4, 2007

The prayer of a righteous man ( James 5:16)

The following is a copy of a letter I just got from my compadre, Missionary Mike from Torreon, Mexico. I ask for you all to pray to our Lord Jesus, trusting in his many promises to answer our prayers, for Rachel's prompt healing and full recovery from Dengue fever. Missionary Mike is not strictly a part of LATTE, but he teaches seminary classes with us at the seminary in Torreon, Mexico. He is our field coordinator for the WELS mission effort in that country. He and Rachel are very dear friends and their little Trinity is a real sweety.

Hi everyone. I just thought I should send out a quick email to let you know that Rachel was hospitalized Thursday night with what appears to be a severe case of Dengue Fever. Fortunately, the doctors seem to have everything under control. As many of you already know, Dengue Fever is not usually life threatening. Her fever actually started on Monday.
At first we just thought it was a bad cold or flu. But, on Thursday morning she woke up with a rash. So, we took her in to see her doctor and he almost immediately diagnosed her with Dengue Fever. (Apparently there is a lot of Dengue going around Torreón this year.) Dengue is not contagious. Rather you get it from mosquito bites. Also, there's not much you can do other than let it run its course. So, the doctor sent Rachel home to rest. (It lasts between 5-14 days.) But he told us to call him if she got worse. Thursday evening she delirious and started
to bleed from her nose. I called the doctor and he wanted her brought in to the emergency room right away. (Hemorrhaging Dengue Fever is much more serious.) Thankfully, it doesn't appear that Rachel has had any more bleeding since that incident. She may be able to return home today, depending on how her blood tests return. The doctors aren't sure why she appears to have bled just that one time. But her platelet (Is that the English word for plaqueta?) count has been very low and the doctors want to make sure it is back at a safe level before she goes home. Both Trinity and I are doing ok. I am in the process of fumigating our house in order to try and prevent any mosquitos from biting Rachel and then infecting others. Anyway... I just wanted to let you know what's going on with us. Please pray for a complete and speedy recovery.

(Posted by Professor Larry)

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