Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Christmas Nostalgia and Blessings

"We are going to Grandma's house." 2 year old Abraham announced to his older brothers as we climbed in their vehicle "No" they argued with him. "Grandpa and Grandma live in Mexico." Pangs of nostalgia hit me as I thought of Christmas at my grandparent's. We are located relatively close to this family, only about 14 hours from our door to theirs including the border crossing at Laredo. However, with the new regulations the US has put in place, it would cost Larry and his family of 5 (soon to be 6) children at least $1,000 to get them all passports to come visit us. Of course there is the cost of gas and tolls that would add considerably to the trip's cost as well. Then as the nostalgia passed I again thanked the Lord for this opportunity to be with this part of our family. We couldn't reach our children and grandchildren in Denver and Portland or my 7 brothers and sisters or my husbands 7 brothers and sisters and his mother in South Dakota as easily for this Christmas but there have been much lonelier Christmases over the 31 years of mission work. I don't get to play hostess in the "grandparent's house" of my childhood for my grandchildren. The devil would love to interfere with the mission work my husband does by letting me indulge in my little pitty parties. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful supportive Christian family and we have much for which to be grateful.

(posted by Marlene)

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