Thursday, March 6, 2008

Prof. Lorenzo nears end of his trip to Bolivia

Greetings from a chilly La Paz where the temps get up to 55 degrees or so. Right now it is 46 degrees outside, 60 degrees in my room. My hotel room has no heat!

My classes are going well. Yesterday I finished classes with those from the interior of the country. I had 15 students, 8 hours a day. The students are pastors and leaders, mainly from smaller villages. Some of them speak Aymara also. They are not nearly as educated as my evening group. Classes were: How to Interpret the Bible; 1 Corinthians; and the 12 hour Saturday Evangelism seminar, which I repeat this Saturday too. I gave them clean copies of the courses plus a teacher's guide so they can go home and teach the courses to the other leaders since they are not all able to come.

My evening class from 7 - 10 PM has an attendance of around 40, again pastors, leaders, and a few others; same courses. This group is more educated so it is quite different from the day group. Always interesting.

(Posted by Lorenzo)

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