Friday, April 8, 2011

¡Muchas Gracias!

For the past four years, LATTE member Lorenzo has been making regular trips to La Paz, Bolivia.  He has been teaching doctrine courses to people who are interested in learning about Confessional Lutheranism.

Recently, LATTE member Philip was asked to move to La Paz, to live there and thus be able to work full time at the continued teaching of these leaders with the desire that they will soon be in full fellowship with the WELS.

The students who had attended Lorenzo’s classes for the past four years, gave him a warm farewell, thanking him for his dedication in the preparation and presentation of these classes and his patience in working them as they struggled between what they had learned in the past and the presentation of these truths as they are found in the Bible.

¡Muchas gracias professor!

Many thanks to Lorenzo for all his hard work here in La Paz.
To God be all the glory who gives His gifts and prepares servants to work in His kingdom.

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