Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Training

Student-Pastor Gonzalo is currently taking online seminary classes with LATTE and serving the congregation Cristo Glorificado (Christ Glorified) in Puebla, Puebla, México.

Recently, the congregation requested leadership training for its members and also invited members from their two sister congregations in Puebla to participate.  This spring, LATTE professors Larry and Natán have each led a workshop focusing on children and youth ministries, including a session on how the adults can support these programs with their time and talents.

Student-Pastor Gonzalo shares a few details about their 'spring training'...

How / Why is the congregation having this workshop?  What is the need?
"Due to the fact that the congregation does not currently have a full-time pastor, but rather is being led by a part-time student-pastor, the congregation asked for additional help.  They asked various pastors for advice, and Pastor Larry came up with the idea of this workshop to train members for ministry to children and youth."  
How does the congregation hope to use the information from this workshop once it is over?
"The congregation's hope is to grow.  Since I cannot serve the congregation full-time, they have extended a call for a full-time pastor.  The goal of the workshop is to help all members become involved and active in ministry.  With a full-time pastor and many active lay-members supporting and participating in the ministry, the congregation plans eventually to extend its mission work beyond Puebla to Huamantla, Tlaxcala where there are already two members and six prospects."

Please pray for Student-Pastor Gonzalo and our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Puebla as they plan ways to serve their congregation and the community.

In the near future, Mexico Missionary Mike will lead the third workshop for the congregation members in Puebla.

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