Saturday, May 28, 2011

Online Course Completed

A LATTE professor just finished teaching a ten lesson, twenty week online course on doctrine. The course included a biblical study of faith, conversion, justification, sanctification, good works, prayer, the cross, and predestination.

Fifteen students finished the course:
Eight from Colombia
Three from Bolivia
Two from the USA
One from Chile
One from Guatemala

    The students were Lutheran pastors and leaders from Lutheran Churches which have asked us to help them train their leaders. The students wrote a total of 2511 emails, most with homework that needed to be corrected, including 170 sets of comprehensive end-of-the-lesson review questions.

    The course used the online Moodle platform which allows the professor to put the whole course online before the students begin to study. Students then receive a calendar for the course lessons, but can study the two text books and do the homework assignments according to their daily and weekly schedules, at anytime of the day.  The professor can do his correcrting and emails to the students according to his schedule too. This allows the professor to travel to other countries, including countries where the Internet is not available to the general populous, for face-to-face classes.

    The courses of this type are designed as a package so national pastors can also give the same course, once they have taken it themselves.

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