Friday, June 10, 2011

Across the Miles

"So, where are you off to this time?" I ask my husband Missionary Lorenzo. 
"To Bolivia," he answers, "for three weeks."
"We can keep in touch by Skype," he says.

We do keep in touch by Skype, but it still proves to be a long three weeks. I pray for his safety in his travels, the Lord's blessings on the work and that nothing major happens to the car or washing machine while he is gone. I entrust him and myself in the Lord's hands.

So often people ask what I do while my husband is gone. Well, I still do the normal things like laundry (although not as much), snow shoveling or lawn mowing, depending on the season, and keeping things afloat during his absence.
My weeks are full even though I don't have a paying job outside of the home. 
  • Monday and Friday - I babysit our 4 year old granddaughter
  • Tuesdays or Thursdays - I am a counselor at our pregnancy counseling center
  • Wednesday - I volunteer at Michigan Lutheran Seminary
That gives me a day or two to shop or whatever and Sundays to have the family over for dinner.

Then I pray for his safe return.

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