Friday, June 3, 2011

Work in Mexico & Theological Education

God continues to bless and refine His church as they deal with challenges related to the ‘drug wars’ affecting significant portions of the country. During the past few months, the national church has begun outreach in a new region of the country (Costa Maya) and increased outreach in their home base of Torreón as well as in their new outreach effort in a new city. In the past 12 months mission work being done by nationals has spread from five regions to eight different regions in the country. LATTE continues to teach onsite  in México and offers online courses for a student in Puebla.

Seminary Training Throughout Latin America
The LATTE professors are continuing to carry out teaching according to the scheduled plan drawn up in September of 2010. Teaching trips have been made to Bolivia, the Caribbean, and Colombia. National churches were encouraged in their evangelism efforts and were provided with the theological education that they had requested. A plan for finalizing the seminary training of a student in the Dominican Republic and in Puerto Rico is still being formulated.

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