Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Update - 2011

The LATTE professors are continuing to carry out the teaching according to its established plan and schedule. Trips to Bolivia, Colombia and the Caribbean have been made. National churches were encouraged in their evangelism efforts and were provided with the theological education that they had requested.

A plan for finalizing the seminary training of a pastor in Santiago in the Dominican Republic still needs to be worked out, so that he can continue the training of future students in that country.

A final trip to Puerto Rico (PR) to finish the class work with a seminary student is still planned for January 2012. After that no trips will be planned except at the express request for continuing education by the Puerto Rican church and the CICR liaison to PR.

In Mexico, the last full-time seminary student has resigned. A recruitment effort is planned with the national church, with the hope of beginning a new class of seminary students in July of 2012. Meanwhile the two LATTE professors residing in Mexico are using the unexpected time to do course work, increase the number of hours taught over the internet to various students, and make several teaching trips during this time period. This time may also give LATTE the ability to help Colombia with the training of two new pastoral students.

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