Monday, October 24, 2011

LATTE Mission Kits

Great news! Three updated LATTE Mission Information Kits are available for use in your congregation, school, LWMS, OWLS, WKW, and other WELS-related groups.

LATTE Kit - Some Sample Items

What is a Mission Information Kit?
Each display kit provides information on a specific WELS mission field.  As LATTE works with missions in North America, The Caribbean, and South America, each LATTE kit includes handicrafts, flags, musical instruments, and other materials from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and the Caribbean; including a book that reveals details of LATTE's work in ten countries of Latin America.  

How do I use a Mission Information Kit?
These display kits give WELS members a hands-on experience to items available on a mission field, giving a little insight into the lives of the people we are serving in that mission. The mission kits are used at congregational mission festivals, Christian day school, high school, college and Sunday school quarterly projects, LWMS rallies and conventions, WKW workshops, ladies group outings, OWLS, and other WELS-related events.  Groups normally use a kit for two - four weeks. 

How can I access a LATTE Mission Information Kit?
The mission kits are stored at a centralized location called WELS Mission Information Center (MIC). A LATTE kit can be ordered online or by telephone 414/771-6848 or 1-800-466-9357 or fax 414/771-6130.  It is recommended to order your kit as soon as possible as orders are processed on a first come, first served basis.  Allow 2 weeks prior to your event for shipping.

How much does it cost?
The group requesting a kit is responsible for shipping costs to return the kit to the MIC.  A $10 donation is suggested for the shipping from the MIC. 

You can also request a mission speaker on LATTE at

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