Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Professor Lorenzo & Bolivian Students

LATTE Professor Lorenzo began making teaching trips to La Paz, Bolivia in 2007.  After four years of visits, the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (FIEL) requested a full-time LATTE seminary professor to teach what the Bible teaches.

Professor Philip & Kathy

In March, 2011; Professor Philip and Kathy moved from Santiago, Dominican Republic to La Paz, Bolivia to serve the church leaders. 

Professor Philip & Student-Pastor Julio

Professor Philip is currently teaching theological courses to seminary Student-Pastor Julio and 10 Bible institute students on-site. He and Kathy also participate in activites of the local congregation, El Redentor.

El Redentor, La Paz

Recently, five children were baptized at El Redentor after their parents studied the doctrine of  baptism with Pastor Julio. 

Go to www.welsinbolivia.blogspot.com for additional details on the ministry training in Bolivia.

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