Saturday, January 28, 2012

Encouraging a Brother

Larry and I have served in World Missions 35 years. A large part of that time he has been training pastors. We have been blessed by strong personal relationships with many of his students and families, something highly valued in Latin America. This often means walking with them through their celebrations and trials in life. 

This week we were given the opportunity to attend one of the celebrations. Eligio (student here in Puerto Rico) asked us to accompany him to a special recognition by his home town and mayor for the charity work of his youngest brother who is a double amputee in a wheelchair. 

Professor Larry & Marlene with the Family & Mayor

As you can see we were included in the pictures along with his family, brother and the mayor. These times are often strained by conflict in the family over the Lutheran student or pastor’s distinct doctrine and as representatives of their “new family in the faith”, our presence is appreciated. There have been frequent opportunities to witness to our faith at these gatherings. It also is a great opportunity to understand the culture and students better.

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