Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pastor Appreciation

Isabela & Lulu

Last Sunday after the worship service, two ladies, Isabela and Lulu, asked if they could prepare and serve a meal for the visiting pastors who were participating in the seminary training workshop led by LATTE.  All the participants welcomed the offer.

On Wednesday, Isabela and Lulu arrived a couple hours before lunch time to prepare Pozole (recipe coming soon) - a typical Mexican soup with different ingredients varying from region to region.  Lots of work was put into this homemade meal, which was evident in the taste.  Everyone agreed that it was a delicious meal with many requests for another bowl.   

The ladies wanted to express their appreciation to those who teach and preach God's Word, as they are continually thankful for hearing and knowing the truth, hope, and peace found in the Bible.

It is pure joy to watch these ladies grow in faith and see their love in action and excitement to serve.  Pray that it be contagious!

Isabela and Lulu are taking weekly instruction classes with Pastor Brad to become members of Cristo Resucitado in México.  Both ladies are active with the local ministry and already receive this mission as their church home.

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