Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seminary Training

Professor Larry, Student-Pastor Henry, Professor Natán, Pastor Israel, 
Pastor Juan, & Pastor Alejandro

This week LATTE is hosting a 5-day workshop in México; providing training to four pastors to teach seminary courses. Three pastors are from different parts of México and one student-pastor is from Colombia. 

The workshop began Monday morning at the ministry center with a joint breakfast, because two of the pastors arrived directly from the local bus station after overnight bus trips.  A devotion led by one of the pastors followed the meal. 

They begin each day after breakfast and continue until 2:00 pm.  Then the group breaks for lunch and spends the remainder of the day doing homework to present the following day.

Professors Larry and Natán are leading the workshop with emphasis on curriculum development, adult education, and online learning.

It is a great opportunity to review the basics, learn new methods, and grow in fellowship.

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