Friday, April 13, 2012

News from Colombia

The mission field of Colombia is expanding in the north-east regions of Antioquia and Quibdó, where there are projects for growth and training of two ministers for future mission development.

Congregation in Quibdó

The northeast region has expanded its outreach to the northern coast of Colombia initiating a new congregation in Santa Marta. The national church, besides this, also is supporting a church in Quibdó with pastoral training, educational materials, teaching visits and Bible studies via Skype. 

Other areas where the national church is exploring and obtaining positive responses are Manizales, Pereira, Cartago and lately Ibagué. Educational materials have been sent to propagate Christian education in those areas. 

The International Church has embraced some of those prospects in the Sunday worship and is planning to offer them Bible studies via Skype beginning this year.

This spring, student-pastor Henry from Medellín attended a LATTE workshop in Mexico focused on preparing pastors to serve as seminary professors.

  Student-Pastor Henry

 Student-Pastor Henry

Please keep this growing church in your prayers that others may hear God's Word and keep Jesus in their hearts!

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