Friday, May 11, 2012

The Joy to Teach

 Seminarian Jairo lives in Medellín, Colombia. He serves as the president of La Santísima Trinidad congregation. Currently, he receives his seminary training by visiting LATTE professors along with online education while continuing to serve in his congregation.

Tell us about your congregation:

My congregation is Most Holy Trinity, located in downtown Medellin, Colombia.  At Sunday worship we have an average attendance of 95 to 100 people.  On Mondays, eight (8) men attend a men's Bible Study; and on Wednesdays, 25 attend the study on the Old and New Testaments and devotion.  We have two (2) pastors, two (2) Bible study teachers, five (5) female teachers, one (1) student in the Bible Institute, fifteen (15) in the youth group, fifteen (15) children, and fifteen (15) women in the ladies' group.  We have a church council and participate in the national church council.  One of our pastors, Henry, also serves as a missionary.  Our other pastor, Tonny, works as an industrial mechanic at a business.

What are some of the joys of your studies or ministry?

Knowing that GOD is always with his children, sustaining us.  I have professors who teach me the correct doctrine.  There is unity among the brothers.  But my greatest joy is being able to teach.  I teach a class on the New Testament, and I am studying to become a pastor -- all by the mercy of God.

What is your favorite Bible passage?  And why?

Because it tells me that I am saved by grace, that I cannot do anything to gain my own salvation.  Because Christ died for my sins.  -Ephesians 2:8, 9 

What great joy it is!

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