Friday, May 18, 2012

News from the Caribbean

Although the work is slow, the Lord continues to provide believers and to bless the work being done in various countries of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean through the efforts of national pastors and visiting teachers.

In the Dominican Republic (DR), a key component to the strategy is to involve national Lutherans in the formation and development of a national church body. A congregation in Santiago, DR is leading the efforts in that direction.

 Children of the Congregation

In many ways, the country of Haiti is worse off now than it was two years ago.  Over 350,000 more Haitians live in Port au Prince than before the earthquake.  Vodou permeates the entire culture.  Our missionary works with a Haitian national pastor who graduated from the LATTE program to do outreach to a small congregation in Cap Haitian and with almost 20 orphanages in Leogane not far from Port Au Prince.  A third pastor/trainer position is being considered for work in this country.

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