Friday, June 22, 2012

LATTE Students are Teachers Too

LATTE professors teach seminary students of confessional Lutheran churches in Latin America. Many of these students are already pastors of congregations and their national churches have asked us to give these pastors more training. Others are seminary students who are starting mission congregations in cities where there is no confessional Lutheran congregation. 



Pictured here are two LATTE students, Adolfo and Eduardo, who live in Santa Marta, Colombia. They are starting a mission congregation in Santa Marta under the name Iglesia Luz de Cristo (Light of Christ Lutheran Church). You can read more about their work by going to

Please add these two LATTE students and their new mission to your prayer list, asking the Lord of the Church to bless their studies and their preaching of the Gospel so that the light of Christ may shine brightly in Santa Marta.

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