Friday, August 17, 2012

Colombia Teaching Trip

Since September, 2009, I have been serving many of our LATTE students with doctrine courses that I teach using the Internet. Two of the students from Colombia, Henry and Tonny, have finished the six online doctrine courses. I have 11 other students right now who are studying doctrine this way and are at various stages of completion: 5 from Colombia, 3 from Bolivia, 1 from Argentina, and 2 from the USA.

I still do some traveling to teach our LATTE students face to face. Right now I am in Medellín, Colombia, for one month, teaching St. Paul´s Letter to the Ephesians to Henry, Tonny, Raul (computer screen), and Jairo. We study at the church in Medellín, but Raul, who lives in Quibdo, Colombia, connects to Skype to study with us (see photo).

  Tonny, Henry, & Raul (computer screen)


We hold the class every afternoon, after Tonny gets done with work in a jeans factory, Monday through Friday, from 3 - 6 PM. We are studying the six chapters in the original Greek, discussing it, and then applying it to our and our members´ lives. I also meet with Henry in the mornings from 9 - 12 AM to teach Christian Education, a class that deals with the way people learn and all the classes a pastor teaches.

My wife, Kay, accompanied me on this trip, to fellowship with the ladies and families of the congregation, La Santísima Trinidad, to encourage them in their work. Of course Kay also makes sure I get home cooked meals and clean laundry.

Keep this work and our students in your prayers.

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