Friday, August 24, 2012

Putting it into Practice

The joys of the ministry are many. For me as a LATTE professor, it is a joy to train men and women for the gospel ministry. And my joy is multiplied when I see our students put what they are learning into practice.

I am not called to be a parish pastor right now, so I am not out there directing evangelism programs for a congregation. I do not preach every Sunday or teach Catechism class to the youth. But I am training others to do that.

What a joy, then, to see God reign in the ministries of our students.  Our students are reaching out with the Gospel.  

I'd like to share a short video of Alex and Obed handing out copies of "The Promise" -- a booklet produced by our WELS Multi-Language Publications to explain God's promise of salvation.  

This video selection was recorded a few years ago in the Dominican Republic.

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