Friday, September 21, 2012

A Step Back in Time

Lorenzo and I (Kay) spent a month in Medellín, Colombia where Lorenzo was teaching Seminary classes. We had not “lived” in Colombia for 20+ years. Our apartment was in the heart of downtown where literally thousands of people pass by every day. I’d forgotten how big Medellín is, the street people, the vendors, and how rapidly the people speak. I had not forgotten how beautiful and warm the Colombian people are.

Street Vendors

I had not forgotten our Colombian church, La Santísima Trinidad, the warmth and welcoming people, and even some familiar faces. What joy for us to spend a great deal of our time with them, to hear and see so many sing praises to our God, and to share the Lord’s Supper with them. It was refreshing to see how they all work together in God’s kingdom, and share the Gospel with others.

Congregation Members

Life seems a little bit better for the Colombian people than before. By their smiles and happy dispositions, you wouldn’t even know if they had a problem. I am thankful for having the opportunity to take that step back in time.

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