Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time of Grace

 This past Sunday as I (Marlene) came forward for the Lord's supper here in Medellin where my husband is teaching this month, I was amazed to see a face I never thought I would see among the members. A man with whom my husband shared the gospel more than 30 years ago. 

Libardo had resisted the gospel and confirmation all those years. His family (all long time members), many missionaries and pastors had shared God's good news with him over those years. But this last month, God changed this heart with his Holy Spirit through His word and he was confirmed in the faith. This man has been near death many times in the past years. As I look at his weathered body and face, I praise our Lord that he extended Libardo's time of grace so that he might believe and be saved. And I thank Him for allowing us to witness one more of His miracles as this dear friend stood with us at His altar.

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