Monday, October 22, 2012

Teaching Together

One of the joys of being on-site at a mission is to serve with the local ministry as needed.  Last January, the mission congregation in México asked me (Julia) to teach Sunday School to the 7-13 year-old children.  Since that time, our attendance has grown from one to six students.

This semester, there is a change in the classroom. Seminarian Dan and I are serving as a team to teach Sunday School class. Dan is currently studying to be a pastor at the IELC Mexican seminary.


The first couple months, I taught the majority of the class while Dan observed and helped as needed with projects and Spanish. Once in a while I stumble on a word that I just can't pronounce correctly or give a good explanation of something.  Dan swoops in and tells the children exactly what I am trying to say.

This month, we've reached the next teaching phase, where we divide the classroom activities into parts. I begin the class by introducing the theme for the day and teaching the Bible story interactively with the children using finger puppets. Then Dan reviews the Bible story with worksheets, projects, and memory work, taking attendance, and closing with prayer.  He's watched the way I do these things and now he is doing most of the things, but in his own way.  It is wonderful to see him teach the key points of the Bible stories and then apply it to our lives, especially the students' lives.

Next week, we will switch activities. Dan will begin the class by introducing the theme and teaching the Bible story with the finger puppets and I will lead the other activities. The following month, Dan will teach the entire class period, and I will be his helper.

Seminarian Luis is currently teaching the children ages 3-6 with Missionary Mike. Dan and Luis will switch classrooms next semester to gain experience working with a different age group.  They are both doing an excellent job and the children love them!

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