Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Conference in Colombia


Back in April, I had the opportunity to be one of two presenters for a Pastors Conference in Medellín, Colombia. Since this was my first time ever to go to Colombia, I went a few days early in order to spend time with some of the pastors and congregation members and attend Sunday Bible class and worship. What a blessing!

Pastors Elkin, Henry, Jairo and Tonny, and the members of Holy Trinity congregation were excellent hosts. Ten pastors--eight from Colombia, one from Bolivia, and one from the Dominican Republic--together with 23 members participated in three, six-hour days of Bible study and discussion. Professor Lorenzo led a study on the Church's Concern for Marriage, and I facilitated a study on Christian Stewardship.

One of many highlights was joining together on Wednesday evening for a service with the Lord's Supper. In this service, we also formally recognized Pastor Henry's graduation from the LATTE seminary program.

Another highlight was watching the pastors--many of whom had never met before--network with each other, sharing struggles, joys and encouragement.

If God allows, we hope to conduct similar conferences regularly to strength the bonds of fellowship for our sister churches in Latin America.

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