Friday, September 20, 2013

The Mexican Seminary Moved!

Professor Natán, Victor, Jaime, Luis, Dan, & Professor Larry

The Confesional Lutheran Seminary of the IELC in Mexico has prepared men for the public ministry of the gospel in various locations in its 20-plus year history - Torreón, Monterrey, Mexico City, Puebla, back to Torreón, then León. This summer it returned to Puebla.

Two professors from the LATTE team, together with two men who are studying full-time, moved from León to Puebla in August. The IELC decided to relocate its seminary in order to accept two more full-time students, better train a part-time student, and combine efforts with the local ministries.

By God's grace, the seminary now has four full-time students plus three men in the Certified Pastor program. One man should be ready to start his vicar year in January. We ask the Lord of the Harvest to bless the preparation of his workers. We also encourage you, God's people, to think about where our future pastors will come from. Look for children and youth who have the gifts to serve. Speak well of your pastor and the ministry to them. Encourage them to consider serving God in the gospel ministry.

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